A Brief History Of Britain 1851-2010 By Jeremy Black EPUB

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A Brief History of Britain 1851-2010 by Jeremy Black EPUB

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A Brief History of Britain 1851-2010 by Jeremy Black EPUB

From the Great Exhibition to the Credit Crunch - the transformation of Britain from the world's greatest nation to the present day

In 1851 Queen Victoria opened the Great Exhibition in Hyde Park. It was the high water mark of English achievement - the nation at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution, at the heart of a burgeoning Empire, with a queen who would reign for another 50 years. In the following 150 years, the fate of the nation has faced turmoil and transformation. But it is too simple to talk of decline? Has Great Britain sacrificed its identity in order to stay part of the present world order?

Leading historian Jeremy Black completes the landmark four volume Brief History of Britain series with a brilliant, insightful examination of how present day Britain was formed.

About the author: Jeremy Black is one of the most respected historians, described by Andrew Roberts as the most underrated thinker in Britain. He is the professor of History at Exeter University and a renowned expert on the history of war. This title will be his 100th published work in an impressive oeuvre that has covered numerous subjects. He appears regularly on TV and radio, including BBC Radio 4's In Our Time.



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